Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recruitment Drive

WOW!! How time flies! it's Friday again and the recruitment drive all of us had been anticipating for was over. the drive was held today at the college car park, from 12 to 2.30.

Tents were set up and each club has a booth of their own. TLC got the second booth from the front and the crowd was CUH-RA-ZY. People flooded the whole car park and members at the booth were explaining non-stop to the newbies about the club, trying to persuade them into the club. Flyers were thrown around followed by questions which all leaders try their best to answer. The hooroosh ended in half an hour and leaders finally got to get some rest and to bring the posters around, spreading the news of the upcoming MAJOR event.
Every registered new member gets a lollipop or an Apollo wafer from the leaders as leaders know all people loves sweet things, especially when it's FREE!! 

Below are some of the pictures of the posters used during the drive:

-P.D. Sharon ^.^-

Leaders' Club
Taylor's College Subang Jaya.

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