Friday, July 15, 2011


We're finally back!:D

Having been, well, 'dead', for a year, the Leader's club has decided to refresh the blog and keep you guys out there updated with our club's activity. Our very first event this year (when i get to meet Leaders' club for the first time) is the recruitment drive on the 21st of April. Leaders (members of Leaders' club) are busy promoting the club and having to compete with at least 20 other clubs, trust me, it's not easy at all. It was a huge success and the club managed to recruit quite a large number of new members.

The next activity we had would be the General Meeting. Just a week after the recruitment drive, the new members get to meet the existing members, or senior members, and the Board of Directors all at once for the first time. They were introduced to us while we, new members were introduced to them. Ice-breaking games, chocolates, ahh.. I wish the following General Meeting would be the same, no, cross that, more chocolates! XD

A few meetings had been conducted after the General Meeting. Activity plans for the year were discussed and the topic of refreshment of this blog was brought up by our dear president, Amy, herself.

JULY: Leaders are busy preparing for our MAJOR event coming September. Meetings were held every Thursday where members get together and crack their heads thinking of ways to make the event a successful one. Busy, fun, busy, fun.. Leaders always have fun amidst being busy for serious work. :)

BUT, WHAT EVENT? You'd ask, well, keep checking our blog to find out!!
P.S. updates will be made every Friday night, so, be sure to come check it out every week to get the latest news about TLC!!! :>

-P.D. Sharon ^.^-

Attached below are a few pictures of yesterday's meeting:

Amy, our president. (The one sitting at the frontmost desk)

Amy briefing us about outside activities.


Mr. Lai, our teacher advisor.

Thank you.
Leaders' Club
Taylor's University College
Subang Jaya.

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